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What the community said about Main North Road


Main North Road is continually changing. People once travelled in horse carriages and trams, however now cars, trucks and buses predominate. The appearance of homes, businesses and the road in general has also changed over the years.

With changes in transport and urban development, we expect that the corridor will be different in the future, and we want to shape this change in the best possible way. Investment opportunities on the corridor are ripe right now with rezoning allowing 4 to 5 storey buildings and every land allotment can connect to nbn fibre infrastructure.

For this reason, City of Prospect is imagining the future of Main North Road, thinking about what it might look like, what sorts of things we will do there, how we will move along the road and how it might be different from today. We have surveyed residents, businesses and visitors of our City collecting ideas. Council is now using information gathered from the survey to develop the first stage of a Master Plan for Main North Road and develop the vision.

Key points arising from the feedback included a strong desire to increase landscaping and plantings, improve the experience for pedestrians, create a safer environment and showcase the rich history and significance of the road in Adelaide’s evolution.

Feedback has assisted staff to develop the design brief and the concept plan’s guiding principles. It is expected a draft high level concept plan will be adopted by Council in June 2016 to deliver on the project’s objective to improve the area for the local and greater community. Click here to view the full report.

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