Village Heart Marketing Fund 2018/2019 - Network Prospect

Village Heart Marketing Fund 2018/2019

Council endorsed its 2018-2019 Annual Business Plan and Budget on Tuesday 26 June, including the Village Heart Marketing Fund.

Where would the separate rate apply?
The Separate Rate applies to all nonresidential properties on Prospect Road’s Village Heart / High Street Policy Area between Gladstone/Barker Roads and Daphne Road/Milner Street.

Village Heart Marketing Fund options
The Separate Rate may be utilised to meet these challenges by developing a destination marketing campaign. Businesses, property owners and Council need to consider how to market this precinct as one of Adelaide’s best lifestyle precincts. It has a unique combination of fashion outlets, patisseries and bakeries, restaurants and cafes and co-working spaces for business professionals.

How will funds be spent?
It is hoped that, with our proactive business community, we can develop an agreed strategy on how funds may be best used in a Council-led campaign or project. In May 2019 the Council will again consult with business and commercial property owners in the Village Heart to determine whether the Village Heart Marketing Fund program is achieving the desired outcomes and should be applied for a further period.

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