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Local Environmental Campaign for Sustainable Coffee Cups

The Prospect Local Environment Group Inc has a new campaign, ‘Say No to Plastic Coffee Cups’, to encourage using non-disposable, reusable coffee cups in the City of Prospect.

“It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year and up to 90 per cent of all disposable cups ended up in landfill”.

As a progressive environmental initiative, Prospect Local Environment Group (PLEG) campaign aims to raise community awareness to encourage both community and cafes to switch to using non-disposable, reusable coffee cups.

The campaign is targeted in the City of Prospect region, as this is supported by a Council grant.

Businesses have the power to reduce this and change behaviours, by influencing their team’s daily coffee habit and encouraging local cafes to reward sustainable behaviours. Local cafes can sign up to the Responsible Cafés program and find out more information here. Businesses can join the growing crew of 2,500 Responsible Cafes across Australia who offer a discount to customers who bring their own cups.

Prospect Local Environment Group together with Network Prospect would like to promote local coffee outlets that are rewarding sustainable behaviors and  the ‘Say No to Plastic Coffee Cups’ campaign. Does your cafe use loyalty cards for bring your own coffee mug?

If you, or any coffee outlet businesses in the City of Prospect are interested in assisting with PLEG’s campaign,  click here for more information.

PLEG Ditch the Plastic Community Workshop
Event Details
Date: Sun. 15 July 2018
Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: Prospect RSL Memorial Hall, 48 Willcox Avenue Prospect, SA 5082

Prospect Local Environment Group
Contact Email: pleg5082@gmail.com