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Office Secret Santa Ideas

Are you still looking for Secret Santa or Kris Kringle presents?

We visited the guys at BrainHackr to find out their top picks for Secret Santa ideas that will entertain your co-workers and family members!

It’s that time of year where everyone is wrapping up for the Christmas closure and preparing for some well-earned rest and recovery.

Do you need some nifty gift ideas for your office Kris Kringle? Here are some great, affordable ideas:

  1. Link It and Bluff It party games
  2. Nested Puzzles and IQ Buster puzzles
  3. Office Prank Set
  4. Clock-Watcher’s Office Games
  5. The Daily Mood Desktop Flip Book
  6. ThinkGeek Executive Building Brick Set

Staff Picks

BrainHackr – David (1/3 of the BrainHackr team):

  1. The Hanayama Puzzle Range – great little gifts that double as a fidget toy!

Network Prospect loves:

  1. Mini Inner Truth Journals – mindful journals reminding us to unplug and become self-aware as we plan a very busy 2018!


For more information and other brilliant ideas, check out BrainHackr’s Secret Santa ideas here.

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