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The Rise High Investor

Local City of Prospect professional, Marissa Schulze, has now released her first book titled ‘The Rise High Investor’. Marissa is a Director and Mortgage and Finance Adviser at Rise High Financial Solutions, an organisation achieving great heights.

Marissa’s career journey started reading an investment book and began her investment property portfolio at eighteen. She achieved financial freedom through building a multi-million-dollar property portfolio with a six-figure passive income.  Marissa continues to be an active Property Investor and Developer today.

After following Marissa’s recent successes, we were really interested in her next endeavour.

What made you go down the path of writing a book?

 “I’ve always wanted to write a book”

Combining her background in accounting, finance and law, together with her mortgage and property investing experience Marissa decided that she would like to pay it forward.  Marissa has experienced the opportunities, challenges and rewards of buying, building, renovating, subdividing and developing, which now serves as advice and wisdom.

“From my perspective, I have seen first-hand how to achieve my dreams and goals. I also believe that Australians rely on superannuation and pension and are in turn severely disappointed. Furthermore the book will teach readers how to take back control of their financial future.”

The book allows Marissa to share her love of property and mentor readers to buy their dream home. “The book (The Rise High Investor), is more than just a resource and tool; it’s for readers to achieve their dreams and goals.”

What advice do you have for other business owners in terms of work life balance?

“Over time, I have learnt that I am best at high value tasks and have learnt to delegate.”

Being a business director, wife, and mother of two children aged five and seven, Marissa practices effective time management. “Its quality over quantity – I am organised, strict with time, and block out time individually for each family member.”

You have achieved so much in your professional career and through your business in the past year, what is next for you?

“When we started Rise High Financial Solutions, our business growth could not have been planned – instead we evolved as the business grew.”

Rise High Financial Solutions believes that their clients are business advocates. Through the book, educational speaking roles, seminars, and educational campaigns, they are giving back to the people who support the organisation.

“With the book coming to fruition, the next step will be to reach more people, through further education; our accounting practice (Rise High Accounting Solutions) has room for growth, and scheduled free seminars.”

What do you see as growth areas for property investment?

  • Significant infrastructure – private or public spend is a good indication of growth
  • Lower median house prices – neighbouring suburbs

The publication has more advice and resources; we recommend you check it out and support a local professional!


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