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Raising Women to New Heights


Local businesswoman, Marissa Schulze of Rise High Financial Solutions, is one of the facilitators of a new financial capability program to help South Australian women.


The Financial Education for Women program, run by Behind Closed Doors, commenced in February and includes seven modules covering topics such as financial goal setting and planning, financial position self-examination, and understanding investment shares, property and superannuation. The program aims to assist women in achieving financial wellbeing, reduce vulnerability to financial stress, and address the impact of the gender pay gap.


The Financial Education for Women program is “..about bringing women together to share knowledge, develop networks and receive support in a peer group mentoring environment to make better financial decisions daily,” says Ms Donny Walford, Behind Closed Doors founder.


Marissa is joined by other high-profile businesswomen from the South Australian financial and legal sector – Andrea Michaels and Karen Eley.


Members will have access to mentoring, networking, and actionable learning. The program offers a confidential, safe, and supportive environment for participants to practice accountability and personal development.


The program will continue in May with modules three through to seven and in 2020 there will be two post module reviews. The meetings will take place at the office of Rise High Financial Solutions, from 9:30am-12:30pm.


The Rise High Financial Solutions family has been experiencing steady business growth and success, furthermore requiring a larger office. Their new office is located next door to their original office and accommodates their growing team and client accessibility, such as increased on-site parking.


The larger office with convertible meeting space allows Rise High Financial Solutions to offer their informational seminars and events within City of Prospect, which were previously held at off-site Adelaide CBD locations.


To express your interest in the membership, please email info@behindcloseddoors.com.


To find out more about Behind Closed Door’s Financial Education for Women program, click here.