Prospect Joins GigCity - Network Prospect

Prospect Joins GigCity

The South Australian Government recently announced City of Prospect’s business community on Prospect Road will be connected to the highly commended GigCity network. GigCity delivers ultra-high capacity internet to qualifying businesses, with speeds around ten times faster than fibre-to-the-premises broadband, at competitive rates for users.

The SABREnet research optical fibre network, whose membership includes all three South Australian universities and the government’s Defence, Science and Technology Group (DSTG), currently extends over 200 kilometres through metropolitan Adelaide.

Offering far higher speeds through a gigabit-per-second delivery, the network has now been expanded to fifteen additional locations across Adelaide, including the Prospect Road Innovation Precinct, the North Terrace Cultural Precinct, and the Northern Adelaide Food Park.

The state government will assist in facilitating connection of high capacity broadband to the Prospect Road Innovation Precinct. The project will establish four ‘anchor sites’ on Prospect Road, including City of Prospect’s new Community Hub, Library, and Innovation Centre, Little City Studio, Business Hub serviced offices, and 98 Prospect Road in the recently completed office spaces above the Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas.

Mayor David O’Loughlin said City of Prospect’s Innovation precinct concept builds on eight years’ work by Council as part of its award-winning 2009 Digital Economy Strategy – one of the first in Australia – which has a key focus in attracting more businesses to the city.

‘This ultra-fast internet plan targets high-tech and data-heavy businesses, with an aim of stimulating new business and creating employment – and we are delighted Prospect has been chose as one of the few locations statewide to have access to the service’, he said.

Mayor O’Loughlin says connection of key buildings with ultra-fast broadband capacity will attract new high-end businesses to office space along Prospect Road.

‘The Precinct supports a unique ecosystem of smarts, clever people and superb coffee, where residents and businesses alike can discuss ideas and develop new products and services’, he said.

‘Any business which depends on high-speed broadband connectivity, like technical, creative studios such as advertising agencies or film and video companies, gaming design and or app developers will be blown away by the awesome GigCity speeds and our local vibe’, the Mayor said.

For more information, go to: the GigCity website.