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Prospect Road Wins Mainstreet SA Marketing Award

City of Prospect won the Mainstreet SA Marketing Award for its Prospect Village Heart digital marketing campaign on Friday 19 October. The digital marketing campaign, created by the Village Heart Marketing Fund Committee and City of Prospect, is a cost-effective, innovative example of creating vibrancy in our main streets.

The Mainstreet SA judges said, “this is a great example of a main street understanding exactly what it is and then going for broke to communicate it! The judges were impressed by the bang for buck from this online campaign that was underpinned and supported by the efforts of many local businesses. The campaign can now serve as a template for future marketing campaigns in Prospect Road or other main streets in City of Prospect.”

City of Prospect has worked very closely with the Village Heart Marketing Fund Committee to ensure local businesses direct the marketing campaign. The campaign has been built on great partnerships with local business, such as  Channel 44.

“I want to thank Council’s Business and Innovation team for delivering the project, who have worked closely with businesses to make the modest Village Heart Marketing Fund go a long way,” said City of Prospect Chief Executive Officer Cate Hart.

“Today we have to explore new ways to attract people to our main streets and keep them vibrant. What we have created here with our digital marketing campaign is a can be used by other main street committees to promote their streets.”

A key element of the digital marketing campaign was to develop a brand logo and tagline (‘Prospect Road – Discover More’) to promote the main street as a destination. To provide content for the campaign, eight videos were released from May to June 2018 on Facebook and Instagram.

“Since opening the Cinema, our strategy has been to engage with local businesses and residents. City of Prospect has given us the opportunity to do this via the committee, events and the generous and continued support of the team. We’re impressed with the brand creation and activation of Prospect Road,“ states Lisa Stewart, Marketing, Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas.

Prospect Road was also nominated for the Mainstreet SA People’s Choice Award and received 189 votes.

This successful collaboration between Network Prospect, City of Prospect, and local businesses is continuing through the regular Village Heart Marketing Fund Committee meetings.

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