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Prospect Road Destination Marketing Campaign Launch 2019


City of Prospect and a committee from Prospect Road’s business community have launched the destination marketing campaign which will run until the end of June 2019.

In the 2017/2018 Budget, Council adopted a modest separate rate to fund marketing initiatives for Prospect’s main commercial zone. A volunteer committee of Prospect Road owners and operators has been working collaboratively with City of Prospect to create a cohesive ‘destination marketing strategy’ since August 2017. The brand identity, design, and tagline is ‘Prospect Road – Discover More’. The brand design and tagline reflects the creative, contemporary, bohemian, quirky, innovative, experiential, and exploratory nature of Prospect Road.

Following the 2017/2018 destination marketing campaign, Channel 44 was engaged to produce a series of five destination marketing videos. The marketing videos are the key outcome and deliverable of the Village Heart Marketing Fund Committee, since the creation of the fund. We love the final product and are so proud of the local production team at Channel 44!

This year’s campaign focuses on key experiences on Prospect Road: brunch, family moments, shopping, date night, and foodie adventures.

The videos and photos feature familiar Prospect faces and showcase local gems to promote Prospect Road to a greater Adelaide audience. We want to share everything we love about shopping, living, and working on Prospect Road with new and potential customers.

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Network Prospect has been distributing information, brand guidelines, and collateral to local business and property owners. For more information, contact