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City of Prospect Joins Small Business Friendly Council Initiative

City of Prospect is pleased to support the State Government’s Small Business Friendly Council Initiative and signed a Charter with the Small Business Commissioner on Friday, 15 February.

The Small Business Friendly Council Initiative has been developed by the Office of the Small Business Commissioner, to enhance intergovernmental relationships with local businesses. The initiative asks Councils to sign a Charter Agreement outlining five required initiatives and an additional three City of Prospect initiatives. This report recommends City of Prospect to join the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative, following Council endorsement. City of Prospect will be required to complete biannual progress reports and promote the commitment through marketing communications.

The Small Business Friendly Council Initiative will support Council’s local economy and assist in creating the right environment to establish and grow a business.

To participate in the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative, City of Prospect is required to sign a Charter Agreement, outlining the five required initiatives:

  1. Implementing activities to improve the operating environment for small business within Council’s area.
  2. Establishing a business advisory group (if one does not already exist) to assist Council’s understanding of small business in its area.
  3. Implementing a procurement policy which recognises and supports local small businesses wherever possible.
  4. Paying undisputed invoices from small businesses within 30 days.
  5. Implementing a timely and cost-effective dispute resolution process to manage disputes.

Councils are also required to identify and implement three additional initiatives each year to support local small business. These may include initiatives already being implemented. City of Prospect will report on the following ongoing initiatives:

  • Network Prospect online business directory and business events program
  • City of Prospect annual business survey; and
  • Prospect Fast WiFi project.

Prospect has long been in the forefront of supporting small business with its Prospect Business Leaders group, Network Prospect and its digital programs. Some of these initiatives have been running at Prospect for over 10 years, making Prospect a small business-friendly community.

For more information about the Small Business Friendly Council Initiative..

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You can stay up-to-date with relevant business events and resources by following the South Australian Small Business Commissioner’s Facebook Page.


City of Prospect CEO Cate Hart, City of Prospect Mayor David O’Loughlin, and SA Small Business Commissioner John Chapman