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Prospect finds its true nature

Nature Foundation is moving to Prospect’s energetic main street. The major environmental organisation have leased the brand new top floor tenancy at Payinthi, City of Prospect’s new premises on Prospect Road.

Hugo Hopton, CEO of Nature Foundation said, “The top floor tenancy is wonderfully fit-for-purpose for our organisation as it grows in response to growing environmental needs right across our state and beyond. It is currently being fitted out for our occupancy in the next few weeks. We are most excited to be moving into these stunning new premises and looking forward to joining the vibrant and innovative Prospect community. We also look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with City of Prospect.”

Nature Foundation is a South Australian not-for-profit foundation active in South Australia for almost 40 years, and has helped protect over one million hectares of the State so far.  It is focused on engaging people in conservation and protecting South Australian landscapes, flora and fauna to ensure their survival. Nature Foundation’s vision is Inspiring people to connect with and conserve the natural habitat of South Australia for future generations.

“City of Prospect is looking forward to working closely with Nature Foundation’s Board. Nature Foundation is a fantastic fit with Local Government as they are a community based organisation working on improving the SA environment,” said City of Prospect Mayor David O’Loughlin.

“I understand that they were attracted to Prospect by the excellent vibe on Prospect Road and world class digital connectivity. It is understood that Nature Foundation will join our GigCity Adelaide network and use the system for everything from phones to GIS work.”


Wildlife Recovery Fund

Donate to Nature Foundation’s Wildlife Recovery Fund to help our wildlife recover from devastating bushfires in South Australia. Learn more here.


Pictured above are Nature Foundation CEO Hugo Hopton, Chair Jan Ferguson, Ruby the Ringtail Possum, City of Prospect Mayor David O’Loughlin, Professor Phil Weinstein, Chair of Nature Foundation’s Nature Conservation Committee, and a representative from Cleland Wildlife Park.