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Not so Little City Studio continues to grow

Prospect-based coworking studio, Little City has expanded to a second location, Little City Unley. The enterprise is responding to market demand and the area’s growing number of home-based businesses and local entrepreneurs. City of Unley has thousands of home-based businesses and local entrepreneurs who may benefit from the new facility, which will be known as Little City Unley.

Little City Unley is located in one of the City of Unley owned cottages featuring:

– two separate office spaces
– one meeting room
– twelve desks in an open plan setting

Little City Studio was founded by husband and wife team Dave and Leah Menner. With their additional venture, building company Residence Building Group, already stretching the limits of their home office, and the addition of their baby son meant getting work done at home was extremely challenging. They wanted to work somewhere close to home in a motivating environment where they would be surrounded by people on a similar journey. Looking around they quickly realised such a place didn’t exist, so they decided to create their own.

Opening Little City in City of Prospect and bringing coworking to the area struck a chord with the community. The space filled up quickly and are often inundated by new potential residents. Little City Studio have been active in the local business community through Network Prospect, Emerging Entrepreneurs program, and the 2016 Skyline Accelerator program.

Little City Managing Director Shaun Lyon said he hoped to repeat the success of their first coworking space.

“Unley has long been on our radar as a great community to expand Little City into. The lifestyle and community feel of the area with patriotic families and highly skilled professionals makes it an excellent fit for us,” Mr Lyon said.


Little City Studio
118 Prospect Road, Prospect

Little City Studio
Edmund Avenue, Unley

Little City has started showing potential ‘members’ through, so get in touch with Little City Studio today!

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