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New Art House Opening Soon

For new visitors to Prospect Road, over the last few years a cinematic project has been coming into fruition. Prospect Road businesses, customers, and residents have patiently waited for the development of the new Palace Nova Cinemas.

This development has been a key driver for City of Prospect’s economic development direction and has perpetuated an exciting wave of new businesses. The addition of the cinemas to the precinct will increase footfall, local economy, investment value and night-time activation.

The Maras Group¬† acknowledges the local areas’ creativity and heritage, which has been paid homage to in the new development’s art deco design. The building’s quirks were inspired by the 1920’s era and iconic Prospect artists.¬† Furthermore, the boutique cinema offering will be an extension (or artistic impression) of Prospect’s values and history.

The development’s focal point, the colourful stained glass designed by Matt Stuckey, illustrates a male and female visiting the movies. The surrounding patterns are emphasised by the zigzag architectural lines of the building.

On the Rose Street side of the building is a new interpretation of the old transport mural by street artist, Adam Poole-Mottishaw, originally created in the 1980s. When the previous building was demolished, the Maras Groups collaborated with City of Prospect and the Prospect Local History Group to ensure the art lives on in it’s new modern adaptation.

Another stunning design flair is the lettering and gloves erected on the side of the building, paying tribute to the A.S. Horne Glove Factory. The reproduced moulds were found in the cellar basement, during demolition.

Other features include the extravagant brass handles to the Palace Nova entrance; the vertical ‘Palace Nova Cinema’ signage; and art deco curves, which all possess the power to transport you back in time.

Palace Nova Cinemas Prospect will open it’s doors to the public on 7 December, more information is available through their Facebook Page.

Network Prospect will continue to keep the business community updated on the Maras Group development, throughout the opening season.


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