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Network Prospect Webinar – Collab with your Gut

with Elena and Maria of Lexi Punch


One of the most important things you can do in your business is collaborate! Connecting with another business to work towards a common goal. This is a fantastic way to provide your audience with new and exciting content, tap into a NEW audience and extend your reach.

In order to really nail the collab- it’s so important to follow your GUT through the process and connect with businesses and people who hold the same values as you.

During this fun and exciting webinar, we will take you through the process of how to collaborate with another business on Instagram- and tips to follow your gut and pick up on red flags!

  • How to identify the right business to collab with
  • Planning your collab and working out what you actually want to achieve
  • How to reach out to a business on Instagram
  • Importance of relationship building on Instagram
  • Creative content ideas to share and present your collab!


Guest Facilitators: Maria Dalas and Elena Franco, Lexi Punch

Lexi Punch was created by Maria from Dalas and Lexi and Elena from Social Punch. An IGTV series sharing their real journey in the social media space. The series takes you on their journey working in the digital world and sharing helpful tips and ideas to use social media mindfully to protect your mental health.

Maria Dalas, Dalas & Lexi

Maria is an ambitious and energetic marketing professional. She is passionate about grass-root South Australian businesses. Having worked in the marketing departments for SA brands from a young age, she’s seen the power of social media go from strength to strength. 

She’s had significant exposure in large family businesses where problem-solving skills and her can-do attitude have assisted in the delivery of large scale & engaging social media campaigns. 

Before starting Dalas & Lexi she managed the digital presence of the Adelaide Central Market; it’s here she discovered the need for small business social media training. Prior to that, she’s worked with other South Australian operated businesses nationally and globally including On The Run & evo hair. 

Dalas & Lexi

The aim of Dalas & Lexi is simple because that’s what social media should be. Maria works with small businesses in the simplest way possible to take their social media channels to the next level.

Everything is customised and curated just for the business and Maria takes into account (no pun intended) every single part of the brand to tailor the most cohesive, effective and long-term social media strategy for your growth.


Elena Franco, Social Punch

Elena is an experienced social media strategist, passionate about helping businesses get the most out of social media and build their brands. Having been involved in the branding for major fitness, fashion and beauty companies, she has developed a strong eye for industry trends and skill for creating eye-catching content, of which she is now using to help grow her clients’ brands.

Before Social Punch, Elena was involved in the social media marketing and branding for major companies such as Sportsgirl and Mazzucchelli’s, and worked for Kayla Itsines and SWEAT as they progressed from startups to international businesses. Working for these organisations developed her creative flair and passion for helping brands grow in the digital space.

Social Punch

Social Punch was created to inspire, educate, support and deliver positive results to all the businesses that Elena works with.

She is excited by this space and absolutely loves helping businesses grow on social media and watching them become equally as excited by it!


Format: Online Webinar via Zoom
Date: 7 October 2020
Time: 6pm – 7:30pm


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