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Network Prospect Local Business Contributor – SILK Laser Clinics Prospect


Network Prospect loves to feature business owners in City of Prospect. We asked SILK Laser Clinics Prospect Franchise Owner, Cher Zollo, a few questions about what she loves about doing business in City of Prospect.


1. Why did you choose to open SILK Laser Clinics when you were looking at business opportunities in Adelaide?

SILK Laser Clinics is a very reputable and successful brand that started in South Australia. I love the people who are involved at clinic level and at our support office. I worked for SILK as a Cosmetic Nurse for 2.5 years before jumping at the opportunity to be a part of the business. I have now run this business for 3 years. Prospect was an obvious choice for me because I feel that here is a really positive vibe here and there is so much development happening and planned for this area.

2. What do you love about owning a business on Prospect Road?

Prospect is a very diverse area it has a lovely local community. The cinemas have bought a lot to the area, great restaurants, cafes and stores. It is a busy street with friendly people.

3. Who are your main clients at SILK Laser Clinics?

We have a very diverse range of clients many are locals and local traders. Other clients have been long term clients of my own who travel from other areas of Adelaide and the country. We even have clients who have moved interstate who come back to have treatments with us when they come home to visit family and friends which is nice.

4. What is the most popular treatment at your clinics?

I would have to say Laser Hair Removal, but our Skin Treatments are really becoming just as popular and clients love them.

5. What is it about owning a SILK clinic that you enjoy most?

I have met or know of the clients that come to us. We aim for high quality service and treatments. I enjoy the challenges of owning a business and working with my team to achieve great quality service and treatments. SILK embraces new technology and are 100% committed to being number 1. I love the friendly vibe and professionalism that our clinic has. We are open 6 days per week and late nights.

6. Which is your favourite treatment?

My favourite would have to be our Microdermabrasion, infusion and LED skin combo. Your skin feels so clean and hydrated after.

 7. How many staff do you employ?

We have a team of 10 including myself. I am a registered nurse and I have two other nurses and 7 dermal and laser therapists.

8. What is a common misconception about SILK?

That all we do is Laser Hair removal. We also offer a range of skin treatments and cosmetic injections. All our staff have the qualifications and are continually updating and attending professional development sessions. Our training is of a very high standard.

9. How do you support and contribute to local community?

We donate to local charities and sporting teams and are involved in local marketing campaigns. I also know a lot of the local traders and we support each other.


Talk to Nurse Cher and the SILK Laser Clinics Prospect team about their services today:

SILK Laser Clinics Prospect
8344 1656
90A Prospect Road Prospect, SA 5082


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