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Network Prospect Local Business Contributor – Outdoor Grit

City of Prospect is a thriving metropolitan suburb of Adelaide, located just 5 minutes from the CBD. New commercial, civil and residential projects are being commissioned at a rapid rate including the re-development of George Whittle Reserve (Prospect), Prospect 1838 (Property), and the Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (Prospect). One refreshing and unique addition to the City of Prospect is the birth of a new outdoor group fitness venture – Outdoor Grit.

Outdoor Grit is the premier outdoor group fitness program in Adelaide, based at St. Helen’s Park on Prospect Road, in the heart of Prospect. The organisation is founded and operated by husband and wife team Dan and Dayna. Their vision is to resurrect people from an early grave, make them harder to kill and more useful in their everyday lives. This vision is supported by a carefully crafted mission statement which is to build a program around authentic, functional, lifelong fitness.

In everyday terms, Outdoor Grit provides a high-quality outdoor group fitness program that caters for all ages, backgrounds and physical capabilities.

Outdoor Grit is unique to other offerings in the Adelaide outdoor fitness industry. The program is community-centred, authenticity-focused and evidence-based.

To officially launch, a grand opening event was held on 31 August at St Helen’s Park in Prospect, Adelaide. The launch was sponsored by local businesses including The Upside on Prospect, Nutrition Warehouse, Sport First in Northpark, as well as other Adelaide small businesses including PhysioXtra Norwood, the WOD Life, and Ricks Rolled and Ready.

The event involved free workouts every hour on the hour, complimentary functional movement assessments, giveaways, prize packs and an opportunity for attendees to experience the community-based culture that is Outdoor Grit. The day provided the much-needed motivation for participants from the surrounding streets to re-ignite their fitness journey and re-establish goals in their personal health and wellbeing. This event was the first of many as Outdoor Grit aims to expand their program to multiple sessions daily and further their reach to other regions in the Adelaide area and beyond over the next 12 months.

Outdoor Grit welcomes people of all genders, cultures, ages and capacities. The flagship program is the main workout of the day (or WOD for short) and is open to males and females from 8 years of age.

In addition, Outdoor Grit offers two specialised group programs:

  • BarBellas – Females only outdoor group fitness
  • Little Gritters – Kids only outdoor group fitness, for children aged 5-15 years.

Any person who is looking to get fitter, healthier and build greater mental resilience can test-run a session for free, as part of the structured on-boarding process. All intro sessions can be booked online using the Calendar located in the Zen Planner app: click here.

Book in a session with Daniel and Dayna today:

Outdoor Grit
0428 251 394


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