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Network Prospect Local Business Contributor – Les Deux Coqs


Network Prospect loves to feature businesses doing great things in City of Prospect!

French smallgoods business, Les Deux Coqs have completed their shopfront renovations at their Prospect location!

French couple Bastien Verslype and Katia Vincon have been producing smallgoods for their Adelaide Central Market stall in their Prospect commercial kitchen for quite some time. Their small Prospect shopfront sold limited items previously, however now their renovations are complete, there is so much more to discover.

Freshly baked baguettes and croissants, duck terrine, cured meats, chilli saucisson, rillettes, French butter, ready to eat meals, and cheeses are now all available to purchase on Prospect Road, in their Frenchie style shop.
They do not sell their lovely traditional desserts in Prospect. However, if you are addicted to their Patisserie, you can order them online and then choose Click&Collect.

Most of their products are made using local ingredients. If you are a bit curious and lucky enough you will be able to see their Charcutiers making as Prospect is above all Les Deux Coqs’s commercial kitchen where they make all their handmade Charcuterie which is then transported and sold in the Adelaide Central Market.

Bastien and Katia believe they were the first French smallgoods makers in South Australia. Some of their products are unique in South Australia and not easily found Australia wide.

Les Deux Coqs Adelaide Home Delivery

We would love for you to visit their new store front and support Les Deux Coqs, another fantastic business we are proud to have in City of Prospect.

Also, maybe once social distancing won’t be part of our daily life anymore, you will be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with a croissant along their shop.


Talk to Katia and Bastien today:

Les Deux Coqs
5/194 Prospect Road, Prospect




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