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Network Prospect Local Business Contributor – Box It Out


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Box it Out has been a local Prospect based fitness business for many years, until COVID-19.  After the announcement of fitness groups not being able to train together, Box It Out had to move all their group fitness classes online, but it has actually been a whole lot of fun!

The Box It Out mission has always been to empower you to LOVE who you see in the mirror – and that has not changed – the business has simply gone online.

The way we do this is by combining fitness, nutrition and mindset to get you brilliant results, super fast.  Get in contact, and Deanna will get you the details on how you can keep fit, and sane, during these crazy times.  If you’ve got equipment, great. But you don’t need anything you don’t already have. You don’t need lots of room either. Some of the Box It Out clients are working out right next to their lounge or even in their kitchens!

NOW is your perfect opportunity to get super fit, healthy and strong.

Here’s what some of their clients have had to say:

  • “Loved it D! Perfect for a small space, good variety of movement and exercises, and I broke a sweat! See you again tomorrow night!”
  • “Awesome workout tonight D!! Great work everyone! My laptop was absolutely crapping itself the whole time and I couldn’t hear or be heard – I’ll use my phone next time!! Wanted to let you know I thought it was awesome and I’ll actually say hi next time. Thank you!!”
  • “FIRST ONLINE CLASS DONE! What a success! I was super nervous about doing an online class. It was unfamiliar territory, but it was absolutely brilliant. It was the first “mental break” I had all day. I was able to focus on my technique and breathing instead of being overwhelmed by the events of the world.  Thank you for adapting our sessions D and for keeping us all sane! Can’t wait to get my sweat on again tomorrow night!”

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