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Network Prospect Local Business Contributor – ARIA Air Conditioning


Network Prospect loves to feature and profile local City of Prospect businesses and this month we are showcasing ARIA Air Conditioning.

ARIA Air Conditioning is bringing custom designed air conditioning to you.

They are a small air conditioning company, based out of Adelaide, focusing on designs that are efficient and suit the interior of your home or office. The ARIA Air Conditioning team approach each project as a unique opportunity to offer a unique solution that complements your space.

“Our years of experience has provided us with the knowledge and expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions to a high standard that will meet your demands and expectations.”

“We believe that the outlook of our air conditioners should be as important as your comfort.”

Receive a bonus filter with every post-summer service ​

Due to heavy air conditioner use over the summer, your unit’s filter may need cleaning or replacing. Now is the perfect time to book a post-summer service.

Clean filters ensure better air quality and allow your unit to run more efficiently. To avoid potential repair costs and personal inconvenience during the long winter months, you can book your post-summer service today and receive a bonus filter.


Thinking about installing a new air conditioner? 

The ARIA Air Conditioning team here to help you make an informed decision.

Cost: The average running cost of a new air conditioner is 25% lower than that of an equivalent model released 10 years ago.*
Convenience: New air conditioning controllers allow you to manage the unit using Smartphone Apps and also balance the air flow to each room evenly.
Capability: Upgrading to high quality ductwork can improve the efficiently of your air conditioner by up to 45%.^
Choice: Vent designs have changed, with many styles available to complement every home.



Want to make a general enquiry, arrange a free quote or book an air conditioner inspection?

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Get in touch with Michael and the team today:

ARIA Air Conditioning
52 Prospect Road, Prospect SA 5082
0423 965 057

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