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Broadband effect on start-ups and lifestyle the focus of Prospect business forum

Access to high speed internet via the national broadband network (nbn) and its impact on small business and new start-ups was the key theme at a business sector event in Prospect Town Hall held on Wednesday 11 October.

City of Prospect is partnered with nbn at this state-wide small business sector ‘lifestylepreneurs’ breakfast session, at which well-known demographer Bernard Salt was the keynote speaker.

‘This is an opportunity to highlight some of the studies I’ve been undertaking looking at the impact of high-capacity internet technology and the effect it has on an emerging workforce, who I refer to as ‘lifestylepreneurs’ said Mr. Salt.

‘These are a new generation of employers and business owners who have moved away from traditional work roles, creating new businesses, striking out on their own with innovative ideas, products and approaches. What is driving this trend is lifestyle, with people wanting more control over their working life, which has seen the rise of co-working spaces where we find a diverse mix of businesses sharing common facilities – it’s a new paradigm’ he said.

‘The lifestyle movement is about being your own boss, to have the option of working from home or a place near home. What better way to do that than to develop a small business? This concept wasn’t possible – or at least wasn’t scalable – prior to the advent of the internet and access to broadband technology’ Mr. Salt added.

CEO Cate Hart said, ‘Bernard is a high-profile thinker and speaker whose key interest is the way society is changing, and the way we work and spend our leisure time is a vital part of that focus. As one of the first Council areas in the country to have been fully covered by the of the national broadband rollout, we were conscious of wanting to capitalise on that and support new start-ups and businesses hubs, and it’s been an unqualified success’.

The event commenced with a business breakfast at the Town Hall, where political and business leaders will hear Bernard Salt present his paper on the employment evolution and observations on the ‘lifestylepreneur’ movement, followed by a Q & A session.

CEO Cate Hart gave an overview of the digital strategy program supporting business growth in City of Prospect, before a smaller quorum of selected invitees convened in a roundtable forum.

nbn’s South Australian team was on hand to provide one-to-one advice for small businesses to interested parties looking to transition to co-working spaces and increase their exposure.


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