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Mobile Food Vendors

City of Prospect welcomes mobile food vendors, with the introduction of a newly created policy and permit application process. Council has adopted a new policy which allows City of Prospect to approve a permit for mobile food businesses, under the conditions whereby new guidelines are respected and roads are utilised in a safe manner.

Council endorsed the Mobile Food Vendor Location Rules with clarification of locations that are not supported, including:

  • sites with narrow footpaths
  • where the site takes up significant amount of kerbside parking
  • where it would obscure pedestrians and drivers views of the footpath

A permit is required for all business activity on a road. The permit holder is liable for any breach of requirements set out in the Business Use of a Road Policy, including those committed by their staff and volunteers.

The fee for Mobile Food Vendors is set at $65 per month or for the 2018/2019 financial year a total fee of $650 per annum, which will be reviewed annually as part of fees and charges.

Approval from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) may be required at an arterial road. City of Prospect cannot guarantee DPTI will approve or decline the request for a permit.

Interested Mobile Food Vendors must consult Council’s location rules for information regarding location requirements, at their discretion.

Current restrictions mean food trucks cannot set up within 200m of another business selling a similar product. Food trucks are unable to operate on the same side of the road directly in front of residential premises without written consent of the occupier of the premises. Additionally, a mobile food vendor must only operate between 8am – 10.30pm when Daylight Savings is in force, at all other times, between 9am – 9pm.

A permit holder must select a location for operating the mobile food business that does not unduly interfere with vehicles driving, parking, public transport and cycling infrastructure.

For more information contact Jennifer Uebergang, Economic Development Officer on


Mobile Food Vendor Location Policy
Mobile Food Vendor Permit Application Form