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Main North Road ‘Green Corporate Boulevard’

Business and Community Engagement


City of Prospect is re-imagining the future of Main North Road, with a vision to create a ‘Green Corporate Boulevard’ to attract investment, generate jobs and revitalise public space. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback to see if we’re on track with the Concept design of the Central Precinct spanning from Nottage Terrace to Percy Street.

‘Green Corporate Boulevard’ 10 Strategic Directions
1. Move Better Across
Improve existing east-west crossings & create new refuge crossings
2. Move Better Up and Down
Safer north–south paths for pedestrians and cyclists
3. Make the Boulevard
Large street trees to make an attractive green boulevard, attracting investment not hiding it
4. Green the Middle
Low median planting to reinforce the boulevard – while avoiding existing services
5. Grow the Business
Create and innovate
6. Soften the Sides
Intensify side street, park and laneway planting to provide areas for rest, gathering and activation
7. Mark the Place
Stimulate, attract, enjoy
8. Tell the Stories
New markers and signs for local heritage & ‘gems’
9. Make the Place – Now!
Make a high quality, safer public realm
10. See the Future
A demonstration pilot project to show what the Road and side-streets could be

Main North Road Concept Plan Consultation PDF

City of Prospect will be engaging with businesses within this strategic area in late October. For more information please contact the City of Prospect by email on