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Main North Road Investment Opportunity

Main North Road and North East Roads were highlighted as a major investment corridor at last night’s Investment Attraction session (Wednesday 27th June 2018). The event was attended by 35 local business. A concept plan which included more tree planting in the medium strip from NorthPoint Toyota to Adelaide City Jeep was well received by the local business community.

Larger scale developments can take advantage of stunning 360 views while blending in with the surrounding residential amenity. Council’s job is to ensure that the mix of existing residential and new developments maximises the location to the CBD, the high volumes of traffic, the “gate way” to the north and potential for increased visitors to the area. Business and property owners were invited to register their interest to be matched with investors and developers and potentially create some ‘master-planning magic.’ This will be facilitated by Knight Frank who have been engaged by Council to assist in implementing the Investment Attraction Strategy.

Council shared it’s own master plan for Main North which involves improving footpaths, the landscaping, improving public green spaces, reducing noise and generally creating a more attractive environment for visitors.

If you would like to register your interest for this initiative, please contact Scott Littler, Knight Frank on

City of Prospect Main North Road & North East Road Investment Strategy

Council in February 2018 adopted an Investment Attraction Strategy for Main North and North East Road. It assists the Main North Road Masterplan with attracting private sector investment. In particular, the Investment Attraction Strategy has sought to identify:

-Drivers for private sector development
-Value proposition for local investors, overseas investors, businesses and property owners
-Development of a staged strategy for investment linked to targeted public realm upgrades

The Strategy recognised that the investment proposition for Main North Road will be focused on commercial development opportunities with some residential development. In particular, it has sought to frame the area as an Investment Corridor with a focus on seven key Anchor Precincts.

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