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Local Area Marketing For Business Resources

We were so thrilled to have Desiree and Lisa from News Corp Australia present the topic, ‘Local Area Marketing for Business’, on 6 June. For those who couldn’t make the event, we have collaborated with the News Corp Australia team to provide some useful resources.


Does your business attract, engage and retain your local shoppers?

In this modern world of globalisation and the technology to communicate beyond borders, it’s vitally important to remember your customers who live and shop locally in your community.

Local area marketing boosts awareness of your business which in turn stimulates inquiries and ultimately sales of your products and services.

With a digital presence, communicating with your local audience has become easier, but more competitive. Your customers are more digitally literate thanks to the rise of smart phone technology.

The opportunity to attract future customers in your area doesn’t require a big budget just a few guidelines and goals to set you on your way.

The ‘Local Area Marketing for Business’ workshop outlined a few key priorities for local businesses to start thinking about:

  • Understanding your customers and their purchasing funnel – how do they find you rather than your competitors?
  • Data has become an indispensable marketing asset – 80% of businesses say customer data is critical to their marketing and advertising efforts
  • Start compiling your data list to communicate with your audience in a targeted way
  • Your data list can be as small as 20 customers through to 20,000 customers. Make sure you regularly update your list so it stays relevant when communicating with your audience
  • Your website is your digital shopfront and you have less than 3 seconds to attract a user – so don’t blow it!

Many small businesses are under the assumption that News Corp Australia only looks after big businesses – this isn’t so. News Corp Australia has a dedicated team of specialists here in Adelaide to guide and support local businesses.

Whether you’re a start-up business that needs everything from a basic website to marketing channels, or an experienced entrepreneur that wants to grow your digital footprint News Corp Australia can personally come to you to discuss how we can meet your marketing needs.

To find out more, please contact Desiree Durant, Small Business Sales Director on 0451 345 768. Mention this Network Prospect promotion and she will arrange a free digital health check for your business.


Did you miss our ‘Network Prospect Business Event – Local Area Marketing’ workshop, presented by News Corp Australia? We have posted our behind the scenes chat with Desiree on our Facebook page.


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