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Living in Prospect


We all know what a fantastic and unique lifestyle City of Prospect offers. Demand for homes of all shapes and sizes in Prospect is ever increasing, resulting in the strongest growth in property prices in the state over the last 12 months. Buyers, renter, and visitors from across Adelaide are draw to Prospect by our fantastic atmosphere, sense of community, and the variety our high quality restaurants and shops we have to offer. Not to mention, our great community facilities, our nation leading digital infrastructure, and access to high quality public and private schools.

The smarter place to call home…

Prospect is a booming and prosperous destination for entertainment, gourmet experiences and people looking to combine cutting edge communications technology and lifestyle.
Located at the heart of inner city Adelaide, Prospect has combined its location, highly-competitive range of homes, heritage buildings and creative arts community, great schools, with the energy and power of nation leading digital technology. Prospect calls to start-ups, cutting edge innovative businesses, bespoke restaurant operators and creative artists.
Residents of City of Prospect enjoy an enviable lifestyle; residing in tree-lined streets a short stroll to the café district along Prospect Road and the open spaces of the nearby northern parklands, all within stone’s throw of the CBD.

  • Fibre to EVERY Premise – Every premises is in City of Prospect is connected to the NBN’s fastest fibre technology option. That means no more corroded copper, no more buffering, just better speeds, less congestion, and greater reliability.
  • Enviable Inner-city Lifestyle – Centred around the restaurant and cinema precinct of Prospect Road. Prospect offers a great walkable community with food and retail options to suit every taste, with so much more to discover.
  • Prospect Community Garden – This beautiful space welcomes Prospect residents to grow food, share a love of gardening, partake in outdoor recreation and become involved in a local environmental project. A team of active volunteers are in every Tuesday and Saturday from 9am to 12pm, looking after its produce. Stop by for a stroll or perhaps a little gardening.
  • Great Schools – Zoned for the new Adelaide Botanic High School. City of Prospect offers a range of great education options both public and private right at its doorstep, including Adelaide Botanic High School, Blackfriars Priory School, Prescott College, Our Lady of Sacred Heart and Prospect Primary, Prospect North Primary, Nailsworth Primary, and Rosary School for younger kids.

Prospect – A Smart 21 Community 2020

City of Prospect has been included in the Top 21 Intelligent Communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). This is the seventh time Prospect has been included in Top 21 Communities list in the past nine years.
This year the top 21 Intelligent Communities were from 10 nations including Issy-les-Moulineaux, France and Rochester, New York. Prospect is one of three Australian cities on the list.
City of Prospect’s key achievements in the past 12 months have been:

  • Establishing GigCity Adelaide in Prospect
  • Digital Marketing Campaign for Prospect Road
  • Connected Cities project with four other councils

For seven of the last nine years, City of Prospect has been recognised as one of the 21 most intelligent communities in the world, for its unique blend of digital infrastructure, training, business opportunities, and sustainability. City of Prospect has thought globally by acting locally.

Prospect Road – Discover More

Prospect Road, known for its creative art scene and indie sensibility, is now becoming a vibrant and eclectic precinct. The introduction of the Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas has injected a visible buzz and vibrancy into our local economy. Prospect Road is a lifestyle and entertainment mainstreet that lives and breathes historic charm and contemporary sophistication.
Prospect Road is a unique, quirky destination for food, fun and fashion. Experience a contemporary lifestyle, fine dining, boutique shopping, date night, entertainment, and street art.  Discover the unusual, quirky, and hidden gems in the heart of City of Prospect.



Promotion & Activation at Tourrific Prospect

We all know what a fantastic and unique lifestyle City of Prospect offers, but on the 20th of January 2020, the city welcomed thousands visitors to Prospect Road for the Tourrific Prospect Street Party 2020. Visitors were able to enjoy the atmosphere, sense of community, and all the variety Prospect Road’s restaurants and shops have to offer. City of Prospect, Network Prospect, and local property developer, My Developments, collaborated to run a stall to highlight to visitors some of current opportunities to purchase property in Prospect, some of the unique features on offer in Prospect, and how they could become part of our great community.

The event activation included plans for new properties in different parts of the city, information about the new federal government First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS), information about Prospect’s fantastic digital infrastructure – including nbn Fibre to the Premises to every property, and the City’s status in the Smart 21 most intelligent communities in the world.



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