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Great Prospects in China

Great-Prospects-in-ChinaCouncil’s commitment to building our international economy

Fresh off the plane from Shandong, with City of Prospect’s Mandarin-speaking Director of Corporate Services, Ginny Moon, Mayor David O’Loughlin has given us the scoop on this important mission to strengthen opportunities for our local economy.

City of Prospect joined 17 other Councils and 300 South Australian business and government delegates on the recent State trade mission to Shandong province. Whilst celebrating 30 years of the sister state relationship provided the framework for the mission, much work was done in promoting the City of Prospect via trade fairs in Jinan and Qingdao, tours of schools in Jinan and Zibo, meetings with key migration agents in Qingdao, and a pivotal meeting with key decision makers at the cutting edge of product development in Hisense, one of the world’s leading electronics companies.

“Student exchanges with schools in Jinan and Zibo, property investment and development, business migration and high tech research and development are just some of the positive outcomes reinforcing Prospect’s leading role in economic development” said Mayor David O’Loughlin.

“We were warmly welcomed by Hisense‘s Executive Vice President and top R&D team, who expressed great interest in Prospect’s unique fibre to the premises coverage, the extensive community and business training we have provided through our Digital Hub, and its Smart 21 city status. Prospect has been awarded this four times, more than any other city in SA and equalled by only one other in Australia.” Mayor O’Loughlin said.
Hisense is headquartered in Qingdao, a coastal city of nine million. They are a major manufacturer of televisions, household appliances, traffic management systems, fibre optics technology and the emerging online health diagnostics and management technology.

Numerous success stories are emerging from the mission, with export deals, memorandums of understanding, sister city agreements, and contracts being signed, together with significant interest in the opportunities presented by SA businesses and Councils across the key themes of wine, health and aged care, education, investment and trade.
“We have been invited to prepare for return visits for a number of interested parties, briefings on our local laws and controls, and introductions to local property owners and potential partners.” Mayor O’Loughlin said.
View the video report from Mayor O’Loughlin here:

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