Free Event - Architecture On Show - Australian Institute of Architects - Network Prospect

Free Event – Architecture On Show – Australian Institute of Architects

Are you interested in the changing face of development?

This session forms a series of focused events and discussions that have been presented by members of the Australian Institute of Architects in partnership with local council and invested community organisations. The sessions have featured architects presenting their work to illustrate the value of design in creating great places and liveable spaces*.
This particular talk focuses on planning and multi residential complexes that aim to create communities. This is very relevant for City of Prospect considering the new urban growth corridor and all that designing for this space entails – the good and the bad.
Urban planning done well is a hot topic and our presenters are at the front line with government groups and in the design community in trying to get policy and design right.

Raising the bar;
How good design can deliver house diversity and create great places
Speaker: Matt Davis, Davis + Davis Architects
architecture-on-showMatt is an architect, urban designer and strong advocate for the value of good design in South Australia. In addition to designing apartment buildings and leading urban renewal masterplans, Davis and Davis Architects work closely with government agencies, councils, and not-for-profits, to help them realise the best possible outcomes through their policies, programs, and projects.

Ownership, belonging and a sense of place
Speaker: David Burton, William Burton Leopardi
The end user experience of any residence, whether owner occupier or renter, is affected by a sense of place which evolves from the idea of ownership and belonging. Highlighting several case studies, David will discuss the importance of the ideal home, and how multi residential design can be enhanced by appreciating that context, identity and story are elements that need to be weaved into the design of a project from the beginning, rather than applied as a veneer at the end.
*No previous attendance at other sessions required


Cost: Free
 Date: Sunday 30 October 2016
Time: 2:00 – 3:30pm
Location: Prospect Town Hall, 126 Prospect Road, Prospect 5082