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Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Blackfriars Priory School

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Showcase – Blackfriars Priory School

Students studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation pitched their innovations to the community with a ‘shark tank’ style presentation on Wednesday 12 June 2019. This is the culmination of a semester’s work which has involved students’ proposing an innovation that solves a problem or fills in a gap that they believe there is a demand for and can be commercially viable. The Adelaide University Thinklab has been assisting the program from the beginning of the year with advice and guest speakers. The students have been fortunate enough to have presentations from various entrepreneurs with wide ranging products and services, to inspire and encourage them.

The students’ innovations include the following:

  • AEON – health monitoring app via toilet waste data collection
  • APV – tracking device for small items
  • D-PLUG – a charging device that shares power between devices
  • VIRUS SNIPER – an antivirus system
  • OBSURA – photography uber service
  • AKA TABLES – desk which supports wireless charging of devices
  • WHEELIO – wheelchair motorbike
  • IMPROVE YOUR SPORT – subscription how to website offering fitness program and sports’ tutorials

At the showcase, students managed a booth promoting their idea and presented a ‘pitch’ of their innovation to an audience of parents, Blackfriars staff, and invited judges. Prizes were awarded to the best 3 innovations with the possibility of mentoring from the Prospect business community.

The unique and exciting course is teaching young people to use their own personal strengths to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The course is not only aimed at students who want to be entrepreneurs; but also allows students to develop interpersonal, goal-setting and general business skills. The course has a focus on positive psychology, which has already led to some great personal outcomes for students.


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