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Network Prospect Business Event – Activation with Art in Prospect Recap

Activation with Art in Prospect


Did you miss our ‘Activation with Art in Prospect’ event? Read on for more information!

Are you a local property or business owner? Are you a street artist seeking connections with interested property owners? Mural art can activate and transform streetscapes to create vibrant places. This session explored how art can benefit City of Prospect businesses and promote the Prospect brand as a destination.

On Wednesday 3 October, we hosted a free workshop with guest speakers, Steve Maras, Matt Stuckey, and Grace Coy. Presentations covered all facets of the public art process: property, artist, and council (in respective order).

Guest Presenter: Steve Maras, Maras Group

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Guest Presenter: Matt Stuckey, Artist

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Guest Presenter: Grace Coy, Art Walk; Community Events Coordinator

Adelaide Art Walks were held a few years ago, they were multi-venue art exhibitions in unconventional gallery spaces. A walking tour of a small area involving live music, live art, interactive activities and lots of fun. The events were held in areas that lacked regular foot traffic and by hosting the events over a number of days, the businesses came alive. This was an example of Art in Activation which we then as a group explored how to start an activation from scratch (and very little budget).

For more information about previous Adelaide Art Walks conducted by Grace, click here.

The following place-making strategies were discussed (these can be done in any order!):

  • Identify your resources
  • Brainstorm outrageous ideas
  • Form a Team
  • Create a plan (and stick to it)
  • Seek new opportunities

Event attendees participated in an interactive brainstorm to identify their resources: time, stuff, cash, skills, products, and people. This is how we start to know whether a project is possible.

Based on the 25 workshop attendees, the following key resources were identified:

  • Time – Attendees can contribute weekends to planning and organising an event in the community.
  • Stuff – Attendees have a diverse range of ‘stuff’ at home to contribute such as paint, tools, furniture, and household items.
  • Products – Attendees have items such as art and music records to utilise.
  • People – Attendees have various and diverse networks and personal connections to depend on.
  • Skills – Attendees have a lengthy and diverse skillset.

From here, attendees then brainstormed and shared their outrageous ideas for activation. It’s amazing what you can come up with once you are forced to think of up to 20 ideas, rather than just the first few that come to mind.

Some very outrageous but functional ideas suggested include:

  • Art walk
  • Rollerdrome
  • European BBQ
  • Street market
  • Florescent sea algae tree forest
  • Geo-caching tour
  • Event similar to Dark Mofo
  • Projection of old building images onto new
  • Top of the Palace Nova building art space
  • Art and fitness trail
  • More murals
  • More street art on footpath

This quick activity provided the group with the language and tools to potentially start their own project involving the community.

Do you have an idea for an event or activation in City of Prospect? Talk to Grace by calling 8342 8036  or by email.

City of Prospect provides the opportunity for artists and art groups to receive funding to support temporary art interventions that will enhance the public realm for the benefit of the Prospect community, through its Small Temporary – Quick Response Public Art Grants. Applications may be submitted throughout the year until 30 June 2019 or until funds are expended in this financial year.

For more information about public art, click here.

Are you interested in having artwork on your business or property? Talk to Edward James, City of Prospect’s Gallery Coordinator, about the public art grant process by calling 8342 8175 or by email.