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About Network Prospect



Network Prospect is a Council-led initiative delivered through a suite of innovative projects that City of Prospect has developed to support and build the local economy. The projects capitalise on the area’s advantage of featuring broadband fibre to every premises (commercial and residential), its proximity to the Adelaide CBD, the opportunities for redevelopment afforded by our forward-thinking planning regulations, and our demographic profile, featuring a high proportion of knowledge-based workers.

The Network Prospect team drives innovation, by leading the implementation of cutting edge infrastructure for the community’s benefit, with projects such as free high-speed Public Wi-Fi within the Prospect Road Village Heart and the network of Broadband Cafes providing a unique attractor and competitive advantage for local businesses.

The Network Prospect Events program provides a series of forums focused on building the capacity of local business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups to thrive in a changing economic climate and to make the most of the inherent advantages of operating a business in City of Prospect. By building a network of Prospect Professionals, we are able to share our rich knowledge base and work together on strengthening our positions as a Smart21 community.



Mayor – David O’Loughlin


As Mayor, I’m extremely proud of the Network Prospect brand and associated initiatives. This city is a leading example of what the digital economy can do for the local businesses and community. Get involved with this exciting opportunity.