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Winner of national and international awards – Digital Strategy, ICF Smart City, and Community Village design – the City of Prospect is investment ready.

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City of Prospect was listed as a ‘top 5’ growth area in South Australia in 2015 (rplogic data). Recent City of Prospect impressive commercial and residential property growth trend charts indicate above state and metropolitan average growth trends over the past 6 years.

City of Prospect – Real Estate Trends and Growth (2009-2015)


Figure 1. City of Prospect – Average Sales rates of Commercial properties
on the Main Roads past 6 years ($AUD per square metre)


Figure 4. Median House Sale Prices Growth 2009 – 2014

Growth = Prospect 3%

Greater Adelaide 2.7%


Figure 5. Median Apartment Sale Price Growth 2009 – 2014

Growth = Prospect 4%

Greater Adelaide 2.2%

Source: Core Logic RP Data