City of Prospect is moving!

Council has embarked on an exciting project to deliver a new $16.4m Community Hub, Library and Innovation Centre (CLIC), which will be built on the site currently occupied by the Civic Centre building at 128 Prospect Road, Prospect.

The project began in 2015, when Council was advised that the State Government would not be renewing Council’s long term lease on the Thomas Street Centre in Nailsworth (which has housed our library, gallery, digital hub and community programs for 40 years), due to a planned expansion of the adjacent Nailsworth Primary School.  The expansion is required due to increasing student numbers, which reflects the positive growth in the population of our fine city and its attractiveness to young families.

The project will see a new three-storey building constructed adjacent the heritage-listed Town Hall on Prospect Road, with an art gallery and library activities at ground level (including community activities within the rejuvenated Town Hall) and an integrated civic facility above.  The scheme also includes a commercial office space at the top level.

The CLIC is scheduled to start construction in early 2018, with completion in late 2019.  There will be some minor disruption to businesses immediately surrounding the construction site from mid-2018 until the completion of the project in late 2019, although our plan is to ensure that the parking area to the rear of the building (between Olive and Vine Streets) will remain open while construction is underway.

During the construction phase Council will move its customer–focused operations into the Prospect Town Hall (126 Prospect Road), while community-focused activities will continue to be delivered from the Thomas Street Centre.  Council’s administrative staff will be located at the Town of Walkerville (Fuller Street Depot).

It has been estimated that new developments on Prospect Road will directly contribute $16.5m of value to City of Prospect’s Gross Regional Product.  This project alone will create approximately 330 jobs per annum, and (once opened) result in an additional 135,000 visits per annum to Prospect Road. The extra day-trippers visiting CLIC have the potential to stimulate a further $626,000 of tourism expenditure into the region’s economy annually.

Network Prospect will be delivering more information for the business community in early 2018.  For more information about the project, please visit the CLIC Engagement Website here.